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Intercultural training

We learn from each other when…

… we live and breathe intercultural competence consisting of knowledge of other cultures, skills and an open-minded and respectful attitude.
The background
The world has become increasingly global, and this has made intercultural competence the number 1 key competence of the 21st Century. We work in international teams and do day-to-day business with people with different worldviews, values and attitudes. How important are the people in your company? Are you making full use of your resources?
If not, can we help you to leverage them by developing their intercultural competences?
Intercultural competence is...
...knowledge about the other person's cultural background, reflection about one's own culture, identity and worldview, understanding that values are subjective, being aware of how values influence our motivation, dealing with stereotypes, active listening, seeing the world from other perspectives, an open mind, curiosity, respect and empathy.
Our goal is to help individuals develop their intercultural competences, thus facilitating day-to-day cross-cultural encounters.
Practical and tailored workshops
Our customers are universities, companies, institutions, etc.
Following a needs analysis, we will develop a customised training concept for your company or organisation. Our workshops focus on preparing you for real-life situations, and our methods are practical and creative, guaranteeing fun!
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