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Presenting in English

We learn from each other when...

... we communicate with confidence, clarity and conviction
Do you want more self-confidence when presenting in English?
There are times when the stakes are high: when you have to give presentations at important international conferences or meetings, present a new marketing campaign to the board, or explain your corporate strategy to an international audience.

Public speaking and presenting are fundamental skills for everyday working life, for communicating vital information and, ultimately, for your career success.

An intensive workshop for international business executives
In our programme, you will learn to present clearly, convincingly and concisely. In addition, you will develop a relaxed yet professional style to better engage with your listeners.

What you will learn
The content of the workshop is very practical – you will be able to apply it immediately to improve your international business presentations. You will learn to:

Bespoke training facilitated by two experts
The workshop is facilitated by two experts:

Both trainers are native English speakers.

We work largely parallel in separate spaces, focusing intensively on our areas of specialization and on your needs while constantly coordinating our training goals and content.

In a “grand finale” on the last day of the workshop, you will give a video-recorded presentation and receive very detailed feedback on your performance.


Amanda Habbershaw

Amanda Habbershaw +49 (0) 63 41 91 40 657
Amanda Habbershaw Amanda Habbershaw


Orlando Schenk

Orlando Schenk +49 (0) 1577 351 6511
Orlando Schenk Orlando Schenk

Workshop fact sheet (PDF file)




  • Many thanks for the instructive, entertaining and intensive training - perfect preparation for our international representatives' meeting. We focused on presenting complex contents in the English language together with the targeted use of voice and body language and were able to improve considerably under your guidance. A really interesting, exciting and effective training that we can strongly recommend.
    Peter Schwab, Managing Director, Brandenburger Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG


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