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Voice and Speech Training, coaching for Presentations

We can learn from each other...

... when we find our own voice.
We often underestimate the power of the voice...
...because we aren´t consciously focused on it. A free voice imbues its user with competence, strength and credibility, just as a trapped voice does the exact opposite - a weak or monotonous voice can detract from even the greatest of experts. In short: the voice and its impact on the listener play decisive roles in communication.

Finding the voice, strengthening the instrument
Sometimes we don´t speak with our own true voice. Sound odd? A voice is often the result of many influences, expectations and attitudes. How would your voice sound if it were free?
My work is often centred around removing unhelpful habits before the foundation stones for a free voice can be laid – grounded breathing, healthy voice production, the development of resonance without unnecessary pressure, efficient articulation and helpful “vocal hygiene”.

Style of speech – it´s not what you say, but how you say it
Being the proud owner of a resonant voice still doesn´t come close to ticking all the boxes. A monotonous delivery, lack of identification with what you are saying and unhelpful tempo can destroy the best content. It´s not only the individual notes that are important, but how they sound together!

Leaning the music of speech means working in a focussed and appropriate way on accent, melody, tempo and pauses.

The voice in concert – Speech and Presentation
Speaking in front of an audience is like giving a concert, irrespective of the situation: a unique opportunity to share your ideas, thought and expertise with the world. Clear and appropriate structure and careful preparation are unavoidable starting points involving the following themes:


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